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4 Magic EQ Moves for Vocals

Updated: Jan 18, 2023

I have an old friend who used to always lock horns with me when I'd say that vocals are the most important element of the mix and typically require the most attention. He's a real rocker and as the Guinness flowed he would insist that guitars came first.

The truth is though that there's no escaping nature and our ears are fine tuned to receive the human voice. It's why babies crying, cats meowing or simply having someone talking at us can be so abrasive.

And that's why a good vocal mix is crucial to the success of the finished product.

But...starting out mixing a vocal can be a daunting experience. Staring at a flat EQ, not quite sure where to start.

This is one of the reasons why I love using a channel strip. Making some key moves early on really helps to lighten the load. I liken it to an artist getting some colour on the canvas before delving deeper into the painting.

So here's 4 magic EQ moves you can dial in with a channel strip to start whipping your vocal into shape. Yes, every vocal is different but this 4 step frequency guide will help you have a plan of attack when you pull out your first plugin. After that of course it's down to you and your ears and that's when the fun begins!

Happy mixing have yourself a great day!




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