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Start making Spotify ready music from your home studio

Courses and resources designed to help you get the most out of your home studio,

create awesome sounding music and build your confidence and skill set.

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Want To Turn Your Music into Profit?

  • Do you start every day wishing you could turn your passion into profit?

  • Do you long to make a living as a creative?

  • Do you fantasise about being a professional musician but simply don't know how to start?

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"Jonny from Real Home Studio has established himself to be not just an articulate educator but also a seasoned and knowledgeable audio engineer fostering growth and excellence within the creative community."

Taven R / KIT Plugins

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"Real Home Studio is an excellent place for producers and songwriters alike to take their productions and skill set to the next level and beyond."

Anthony A / LANDR


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All Access Pass

£12 a month
free 7 day trial

Learn the essential mixing, recording and production skills to make make great sounding music from your home studio with over 10 hours of video tuition. Join the online community and share, learn and develop together. Plus, enjoy monthly exclusive content containing the best music production techniques and tips.


The Virtual Console PRO Edition

Whether you're a beginner or you've been mixing for a few years, this course takes you along every step of the way providing you with a methodical, musical approach to mixing from your home studio.


Channel Strip 101

Discover how to master the most powerful plugin in your daw. It's time to stop guessing and learn how to use EQ and compression like the pros and unlock the secrets of creating expensive sounding mixes from your home studio.

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10 Step PRO Vocal

Discover how to get pro vocal results from your home studio in 10 easy to follow video tutorials. Everything is covered in this concise and information packed course, from vocal warm ups, recording, editing and mic placement to effective step by step mixing that will get you the vocal results you need to succeed!

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The Singer /Songwriter's Home Studio Toolkit

This course will guide you through, step by step, the process of song development and production so you can get the results your music deserves from your home studio


The Home Studio
Producer's Masterclass

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Join the Masterclass today to get instant access to all courses (over 10 hours of video tuition!) covering everything you need to start making better sounding music from your home studio today.

Student Feedback

Step by step, what to do with your mix and what not to do! Not only that but he explains why you're making the decisions. If you want a professional sounding mix, I totally recommend his course." Breno V


'Love your style of teaching'


 "I was not good at recording or mixing acoustic guitars a few years ago. My vocals were too loud and too close. Now I really think about which mic, preamp, recording setting gain staging etc. go into the decision for the song." Joe M

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