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What Stock Music Sells Best?

When you're starting out composing for stock music libraries it can be truly overwhelming and with so many musical styles to choose from; deciding where to start can often be the hardest part. But I love composing for libraries because it does sell and make money and after many years of releasing albums, eps and singles, discovering the world of stock music was a real revelation for me and one I love to share to others.

That the first year composing can be the real sticky stage when you need to keep motivated and excited so you certainly want to give your music the best shot at getting a few sales in the back pocket. So here's where corporate music comes in.

Corporate music is simply everywhere, TV, Radio, YouTube and in so much advertising. Once you start listening out for it, you'll hear it deploying it's understated ear worm behind many a voice over and cut scene.

The good news is, making corporate music can be really pretty straight forward but like everything there is an art and some real skill to making a good one which will sell well.

The biggest tip I can offer is to keep it motivating, inspiring and energising and always ask yourself if your composition is making you feel this way. The vast majority of stock music evokes these emotions so sticking to inspiring corporate music gives you the biggest target when getting started.

Instrument choices can vary depending on your skill set and taste but most pieces revolve around a straight forward piano chord progression and adding delayed mute guitar and synth is commonplace alongside a 'four on the floor' kick drum.

Check out today's video for a complete walk though of a corporate stock music track from start to finish and have yourself a great day!


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