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Stressed Out Using Too Many Plugins...

When it comes to mixing, well actually when it comes to most things in life, I like to keep it simple. Most of my favourite pieces of music are straightforward arrangements and the mixes are all the better for it but as I'm sure you know, achieving a mastery of simplicity takes a real skill.

This week on the channel I've been stripping the mix approach back to harnessing the power of one integral plugin in my mix process; The Neve Channel Strip.

Working with a channel strip on your mix is a real opportunity to work and mix like a pro, making broad stroke eq decisions, dialling in some warm saturation and using filters to bring clarity to your project.

You can get so much of the work done with just one plugin!

It's a way I love to work because it's simple and it's musical and working with the same channel strip week after week you get to learn it more like an instrument than, just another plugin.

If you're finding that your mixes are getting over loaded with plugins (I've been there!) or you're simply getting stressed out mixing, not getting the results you want (I've been there too!)...

I recommended stripping things back to a simple, musical approach. Grab a Channel Strip and keep it simple!



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