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Mixing Vocals in Under 5 Minutes!

Mixing vocals is like painting a musical picture. Using EQ, you can make vocals shine. Start by removing low rumbles below 80-100 Hz with a high-pass filter. Smooth out harsh sounds by cutting frequencies around 2-5 kHz, and soften sharp "s" sounds by reducing 7-9 kHz.

For presence, boost the range between 2-5 kHz to help vocals stand out. To add warmth, gently boost 200-400 Hz for a fuller tone. Balance is key: compare vocals to other sounds in your mix and adjust accordingly.

Remember, less is more. Cutting unwanted frequencies before boosting desired ones keeps things clean. And listen in context – vocals should fit well with all the instruments. With practice, EQ becomes a brush to shape vocals into a beautiful sonic masterpiece that enhances your music.

Next up on our channel strip we have vocal compression. A dynamic control tool. It evens out the loud and soft parts of a vocal track, making it sound consistent. Adjust threshold to determine when compression kicks in, ratio for the amount of control, and attack/release times to shape the vocal's character. Compression adds polish and helps vocals sit well in a mix, ensuring a smooth and professional sound.

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