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AmpleSound Bass Upright Review

Let's just cut to the chase it really does sound incredibly realistic.

If you're not familiar with AmpleSound, they create some just awesome instrument plugins from a wide range of guitars to obscure Chinese folk instruments.

And as I've now reviewed a number of their plugins I have a better idea what to expect and the standard is high, really high.

This double bass instrument plugin is no exception. It simply sounds wonderful. The feel and texture of the instrument is faithfully recreated from the slaps of the body, string sounds and finger noises, this one would be impossible to tell if it was the real thing or not in a mix, or even more impressively on it's own!

Dozens of presets and mutli layered tweak settings mean you can hone your tone to your hearts desire. Me, I simply enjoy the simplicity of dropping it on a track and getting going. It sounds that good just off the bat.

For composers or song writers working from the home studio who want some double bass in their recordings but don't have access to one or indeed someone you plays one, this has to be top of the list.

Try out AmpleSound for FREE for 7 days HERE



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