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Want an awesome discount on my GO TO Channel Strip?

A while back a new plugin company called KIT approached me to see if I'd like to try out their channel strip and as it turned out, I liked it, I really liked it!

So much so it's ended up being my go to channel strip and I use it on every mix, on Youtube tutorials and my online courses.

KIT's Neve styled BB N105 is a real treat, it sounds great and it fits me and my workflow. So I'm super excited to have teamed up with the guys over at KIT plugins to offer you a 10% discount on their whole range.

Click on the image below to automatically add your 10% discount or use coupon code RHS10 at checkout.

You can trial all their plugins too and whilst you're there make sure you grab their awesome saturation plugin BURIER for absolutely FREE!

Sales do also help out Real Home Studio but all opinions on these products are my own and I'm loving them!

Have yourself a great day!




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