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The Best FREE Plugin Collection EVER!?

10 years ago building up a bunch of good quality analogue style plugins could be an expensive business. Sure there were free plugins about but nothing even close to the wide variety and quality of the Analog Obsession plugin collection.

Over the last couple of years I've been trying them all out and reviewing them on the channel and it still amazes me how good these plugins truly are!

Most recently I've given AO's latest offering GrapHack a spin. An API eq emulation with 10 bands of interchangeable eq and saturation and once again, it'a a bit of a beaut.

What I love about AO's emulation plugins are their simplicity and how much they encourage you to use your ears.

Using and learning how to use plugins (and hardware) like this is more like learning an instrument than a technical application and that's why they're such a sweet fit for the musical mind.

If you want to learn more about Analog Obsession's plugins check out my full playlist on YouTube and if you'd like to learn the industry techniques required to use plugins like these to create PRO sounding mixes from your home studio you can enrol in my course The Virtual Console PRO Edition.

Happy mixing!




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