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RO-GOLD Free Vintage Reverb Plugin

If you're working on vocals, you'll probably grab a plate reverb for some extra spice and sparkle at some point but trying out Black Rooster's latest free plugin offering RO-GOLD reminded me once again this week how important it is to mix with the ears and experiment.

This vintage plate reverb has so much character and charm and I was working on a guitar track that had plenty of 60's/70's vibe so I combined the two and the guitars sounded just great.

So I added it to another guitar buss...

...and then to the reverb glue buss!

And the whole mix really started to pop with vintage vibe!

This really is a reverb with so much warmth and vibe. I know it's an over coined expression but it really does sound...well...Vintage!

DOWNLOAD RO GOLD from Black Rooster Audio HERE

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