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Moving Studio? Pro Tips To Keep Your Gear Safe

A couple of weeks back I moved house. And for us home studio owners, moving house means, moving studio!

So if you have a move coming up or need to move some of your gear from time to time here's some tips to help everything run smoothly.

Firstly, let's talk about packaging. The stuff your brand new monitors arrive in. You rip it open in excitement, bin the polystyrene inserts, fold down the cardboard and throw it in the recycling bin.

Now, if you have the space to do so, keep that packaging! Fold away the cardboard boxes and keep those inserts. On items of gear like monitors, iMacs, controllers they all have weak points and that packaging has been custom designed to ensure your gear gets there safely from A to B.

Next up, if you use any hardware which you set and forget, take a photo of the settings before you pack down. This will save you a whole bunch of time at the other end.

Let's talk about those power adapters.

You know, the ugly wall warts that all look the same. Put them all in a box and would you know what plug goes with what piece of gear? Labelling these up will save you a big headache trying to work this out. Grab a marker pen, (I use a Tipp-Ex pen) and write on the plug what it's for.

And, whilst we're on that subject let's mention leads.

The easiest way to avoid the big ball of leads headache is to package each one with the correct piece of gear. Sounds simple but when you're packing your set up down, it's really easy to end up with a big ball of leads you throw in a box to sort out later!

If you are moving house soon I wish you a safe journey.

Have yourself a great day!




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