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Mine's A Double (iZotope Vocal Doubler)

Good double tracking is so satisfying. Whether it's a kicking wide rhythm guitar, layered synth or supportive backing vocals. It's a technique we all learn early on in our mixing days.

I've played around a fair bit with vocal doubler plugins and some of them promise great things beyond the basic task, key shifts, multiple voices, octaves etc but none of them seemed to do the job that naturally.

iZotope though is simple and straight forward and promises two things.

Wider, bigger vocals...

...and a natural sound.

With the added bonus of being free I had to give it a try and this plugin is so worth a download.

So, yes it's a really handy plugin if you have a mix and the vocalist has only given you one backing vocal or to simply fatten up a lead vocal, but on already double tracked backing vocals things get really interesting.

This plugin can really achieve some slick, big, poppy sounding backing vocals within seconds and not robotic, phasey ones, but natural tight ones that sound really pro.



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