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LANDR FX Suite Review | Has Simplicity Gone Too Far?

There's been a real bumper crop of one knob plugins of late. I love simplicity but having been sent the latest single control plugins from LANDR to try out I quickly started to wonder whether all this one knob simplicity had gone a step too far.

See, unlike a lot of other 'one turn and you're done' plugins, this series offers a large selection of presets which you can blend in to taste.

And...that's it.

The premise being that you can mix a great track with these simply by dialling in a preset you like.

Now, before you pokes holes in your monitors and throw your controller out the window in a rage, hear me out. We all know that good things don't come that easy in life and home studio recording and mixing takes a lot of learning and dedication but it got me wondering; where can plugins like these find a place if they're not really the one stop shop for mix nirvana.

Working with the vocal offering 'LANDR FX Voice' I started playing with it at the end of my plugin chain after I'd taken a vocal about as far as I could. Simply dialling in just a little of a preset that I felt it could benefit from yielded impressive results.

Turns out, dialling in about 20% of the preset 'Pop Diva' took vocals just that step further. I knew I had it in me somewhere!

Using it subtly this clever little plugin was acting more like a virtual assistant offering a suggestion of how I can could squeeze a little more from the mix. Something which, when you're working alone can be very valuable.

So that's my thoughts on these LANDR plugins. You can trial them all for 7 days for free with LANDR studio and if you like that then guys over at LANDR have kindly given Real Home Studio subscribers a 15% discount off a LANDR studio subscription with coupon code: GETLANDRRHS15OFF




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