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Know This BEFORE You Start Mixing Vocals

Whenever I place a mixing poll online, vocal eq confusion always comes near the top of home studio challenges. The sheer diversity of the human voice makes it impossible to add any hard and fast rules but it is possible to learn more about certain frequency bands and how they generally affect a vocal when applied.

From applying a high pass filter to remove unwanted rumble through to learning where nasal sounds of the vocal typically live, how applying presence can cut though the heaviest of guitars and what exactly is the air band?

All of these can be uncovered, learned and used as constant guide to make sure you're not stabbing in the dark but working with understanding and method when mixing

Once you've watched the video walkthrough make sure you grab your FREE vocal EQ cheat sheet. Remembering all those frequencies and what each one does is a bit of a headache so download it and drop it on your desktop or print it out and keep it on your desk for reference next time you mix vocals.

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