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KIT Plugins NEW Blackbird N73

There's a lot of Neve 1073 plugins on the market these days and frankly, we as home studio owners are spoilt for choice. So for a plugin company it must be somewhat of a challenge to drop a new 1073 emulation and work out how to make it stand out in the marketplace.

Enter KIT's brand new Neve channel strip the Blackbird N73.

Now this plugin isn't strictly emulating any single 1073 but actually carefully sculpted and cherry picked from 12 different 1073's by the clever guys over at Blackbird studios. So what we have here is a super charged Neve plugin. And it sounds good, really good.

Not only does it sound superb, it's also got a few handy digital tricks up it's sleeve. Continuous gain, which enables you to bypass the Neve's notched options and a bold and clear central meter which makes A/Bing levels a cinch.

Purists will enjoy KIT's Analog Hum control and whilst it may leave some older mix engineers scratching their head as to why on earth they'd want that on their recordings, it remains a faithful and nice touch. You can always switch it off!

KIT's new N73 does exactly what you need a channel strip to do, adding character and colour to your mix whilst speeding up your workflow and manages to convey why the 1073 was and is such a well regarded console to this day. It sounds great on anything you put it on. Drums and Vocals will benefit greatly from some N73 tweaks but try this channel strip on just about everything and you won't be disappointed.

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