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I Didn't Expect This! - Analog Obsession Vocal Chain

A few weeks back I created a video showing an awesome vocal chain made entirely of free plugins. This week I uploaded a video (due to popular demand!) running through a vocal chain made entirely from Analog Obsession free plugins.

I didn't expect it to turn out so well!

I'm not entirely sure why because I know just how good these plugins are, (I've reviewed a lot!) and I use a lot of them regularly too but have always mixed them in with my favourite paid and stock plugins.

Perhaps there is still a tendency to believe that because I've spent a lot of money on paid plugins they have to be better, but the truth is that these Analog Obsession plugins are the real deal!

Not only did I get a great result it's also reminded me of the importance to not get too stuck in our ways when mixing music.

If you're a songwriter you'll know that as the years pass you notice your hands forming the same go-to chords as always. It sometimes takes a different tuning, approach, instrument or collaboration to stretch ourselves, grow and discover new avenues.

That's what a lot of these plugins do. As the developer often says, "these plugins make you mix with your ears", and that's got to be a good thing right!?

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