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FrankCS by Analog Obsession Review

This week Analog Obsession dropped an update of their ingenius Frank eq. Now Frank was a really interesting and unique design taking the developer's favourite frequency bands from various consoles and sticking them together to form a hybrid, Frankenstein eq which sounded great.

FRANK EQ from Analog Obsession

Move forward a few months and Tunca, the developer, has taken things a step further and created the FrankCS, channel strip.

Released with the subtitle, 'The Ultimate Channel Strip' it comes out of the blocks running and it certainly sounds and looks the part. Smooth upper mids and airy high end on vocals and the interchangeable pre's I tried out on both lead and backing vocals sounded just great too.

FrankCS - The Ultimate Channel Strip

There has been a few reports of the low end controls not working as they should on this first version 1.0, so I wouldn't be surprised if we see an update of this hybrid channel strip released very soon but for me everything worked just great.

Something I did really miss is a second mid range knob. I'm really used to this with KIT Plugin's channel strip and really missed it for muddy cuts especially. But of course there's nothing to stop you stacking these or compromising with an eq next in the chain.

The onboard compressor limits your attack and release settings to fast, medium and slow making you use your ears and make musical choices. It also makes it a great compressor for newcomers learning the compression ropes.

FrankCS is a welcome addition to Analog Obsession's already highly impressive collection of analogue style plugins and with a scarcity of decent free channel strip plugins around this is a little cracker.



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