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Do you sometimes find it hard working alone?

There's no doubt that there's never been a better time to record music from a home studio and with thousands upon thousands of people now being proud home studio owners the problems I see clients facing is never due to limit of potential but of knowledge and skill set.

And toughest of all is.

We so often work alone.

Ok, so working alone is great and has a lot of benefits but one big downside is having no-one to bounce ideas off, answer a question or two and suggest ideas.

That was certainly some of the challenges I faced when I first started working on my first solo album 10 years ago.

It's a big reason why I put together my home studio 121 coaching. So people can reach out and talk through their tracks, arrangements and mixes and I can offer a professional analysis with fresh, expert ears.

So often I talk to clients who feel frustrated but are so close to achieving the results they're looking for, it just takes a soundboard session or a mix walkthough to turn the key.

If you are feeling frustrated by your work flow or just simply disappointed by the quality of your end results please don't feel disheartened, I've been there too and you don't have to keep smashing at it alone. In fact, you really shouldn't. Once I learned how to work smarter, not harder, so much fell into place.

So I want to let you know that I offer a totally free 15 minute consultation to talk over the problems you're facing right now and put together a plan to get the results you deserve from your home studio.

If you're looking to supercharge your home studio skills, private 121 coaching is a great way to get answers to the questions you need to ask and accelerate your ability.

Simply follow this link and fill in the application box with a little info about what you need help with and I'll get in touch to book in your free 15 min consultation.

Have yourself a great day!




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