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Can You Mix with Just 2 Plugins?

Last week I dropped a video exploring mixing with just two plugins... Yes just two!

It's a great way to remind yourself of the fundamentals of mixing. Simply making it sound better, and balanced with just a channel strip and a compressor.

So why all the confusion these days? Well, that's a fair point.

Whilst recording a podcast with NRSIX studio owner, Justin Brand we touched on the early days of mixing and what it meant to be a balance engineer. 3 band EQ and compression was at hand but if anything, the real art form was in the recording engineer.

These days with so much mixing potential at our finger tips, it's no wonder it can be overwhelming and a mix can easily slip into a confused array of plugins.

So if things are getting too much. Dial it back. Start again even and see how far you can take things with just one channel strip and a compressor, I think you'll be surprised.



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